Our Young Poets

We have several young poets in our midst here at Mother of Providence. Last May they attended the “Young Poets of Delaware County” contest. I thought I would share some of their award winning work with you:

I Like My Tooth

Kaylin Fava, Grade 1 – First Place 

I like my tooth and it isn’t tight.

I wiggle it all day and night.

When my tooth falls out

I am as lucky as can be.

Soon the tooth fairy will come to me.

Oh in a tick and a tock a coin under my pillow there will be.

Yip yip yippee!



Luke Kinne, Grade 1 – Third Place 

Speeding down steep mountains,

Going off ramps in the terrain park,

It is cold, snowy, windy,

Dangerous and fun!

Sometimes it gets too cold that you can’t ski,

So, you go inside and get hot chocolate!



Cameron Hatala, Grade 3 – Second Place

Dragons are long and strong

They stand more than six feet tall

They have a fire breath

They can burn a treasure chest

Dragons hate to sing

They like to fly with their big wings

They like to eat goats

And maybe some folks


The Shadowlands

Maya Rose Chavis, Grade 4 – Second Place

Mist covers the land,

In the dark of night,

On the gloomy plains of Alegroo,

Quiet yet sad the sun never rises,

The plants are dead,

There is nothing you can do…..not ever.



Kaitlyn Weir, Grade 4 – Third Place

Swift breeze through the fields through the grass

Puffs of white in the sky soaring high and low

Ruffled flowers in bunches of color

Insects rest on soft petals of all different kinds

Now there is no snow only rays of sun and drips of rain

Great streams of glittering water shine in the sun


At the Sea

Emily McGinn, Grade 6 – First Place

As i climb up the tallest mast

I can see the waves moving fast.

The wind blows gently through my hair.

I can feel a cool mist in the air.

Below the sailors tell the tales of the sea,

With a scent in the air as sweet as can be

As I tie my hair up tightly

I can feel the boar rock, just slightly

The ship is many miles from land

But here I can hear the birds singing like a band

All their songs in perfect tune

Just as the sun sets revealing the moon

I have many friends out here

And it’s sad to see the journey end grow near.


Maeve McMahon, Grade 6 – Second Place

Grains of sand by sea

Whipping in the windy breeze

Absorbed by the ocean



Therese Haas, Grade 7 – Second Place

Unwanted, unloved

Problems to be solved

Look left, look right

Nothing seems right in daylight

Waiting for love

Only to be shoved.


Nowhere to turn

Just waiting to earn,

Waiting to earn respect

But she’s far from perfect

Waiting for love

So undreamed of.


A shoulder to cry on

She can never come upon

Why does nobody love her?

It all just seems a blur

Waiting for love

That she’s so empty of.


The Best Kind of Friend

Lily Bernard, Grade 7 – Third Place

The best kind of friend will cheer you up when you are down

The best kind of friend will let you be yourself when they’re around

The best kind of friend listens when you’re troubled

The best kind of friend makes your happiness double

The best kind of friend understands your mistakes

The best kind of friend will be there if your heart breaks

The best kind of friend will always be by your side

The best kind of friend will comfort you when you cry

The best kind of friend is worth more than gold

And gives more love than a heart could ever hold

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