Scene Around School (October)

I wanted to share with you what really gets me every day I am here at Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School. It’s the children. I can’t help it. They wow me every day.

Last week as I was leaving a meeting with our principal and heading back to my office, a second grader had just come out of the girls’ restroom. She stopped in her tracks in front of the statue of Mary in our hallway, bowed and blessed herself and said a prayer. Wow.

Last year, as I was taking pictures of the pumpkins that had been creatively decorated by your children, I stopped in my tracks as I saw 7th and 8th grade boys and girls holding little hands of Pre K students to lead them through the gym and see all the pumpkins. Wow. I can’t wait to see the pumpkins this Friday that are creatively decorated by even our smallest of students.

I walk through the halls and they say “good morning” or “hi”. They hold doors for me when I leave the gym after morning prayers. They work on projects like the MP-NBC Newscast. They sing songs of praise and thanksgiving with our music teacher and I get to hear it everyday in the halls. They care for each other and love one another. Thank you, parents, for the gift of your children.

Linda Rooney,  Advancement Director

Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School

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