Scene around School – October 4, 2016

From the Advancement Office:

Sitting at my desk I could hear giggles, scotch tape dispensing and paper fluttering outside in the hallway. Upon investigation, I found some of our wonderful eighth graders outside my office fixing a homemade rosary around our statue of Mary. They had made the rosary collectively as a class in Art today. It is a beautiful gift for our Blessed Mother and it hugs her like a warm and comforting blanket.

Things like this happen every day here at school and it is why I love coming to work. To see these beautiful young girls working together to place their very large and very delicate rosary “just so” around Mary made my day. Our Mary statue receives tons of attention every day. Students in first and second grade make the sign of the cross as they make their way to the restrooms down the hall or to special classes. I pray that our Blessed Mother guides every student at Mother of Providence as they work and play together here and at home. I pray that Mary especially guides our eighth graders as they begin their last year with us.

– Linda Rooney, Advancement Director at Mother of Providence Regional Catholic School

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